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Walking and yoga is about enlightenment while walking. It's the ultimate kick! It's both a healthy workout, but it also provides stress reduction and inner happiness. Walking yoga is your daily pilgrimage to enlightenment. If you truly make this pilgrimage, it will transform you into an ambassador of happiness.

This is the time when we are in "full consciousness". As we walk, we are able to reconnect with our body, which helps to calm an overactive mind. The repetitive rhythm that links the breath to our stride organically induces a state of calm. Stressful thoughts, worries and negativity slowly fade away, simply by focusing the mind and being in the present moment.

Do you like yoga and hiking in natural and relaxing areas? You are in the right place. Planetazur is here to guide you through the places that lend themselves most to this outdoor activity. It is true that hiking and yoga have a lot in common. For example, both activities have the benefits of calmness and zenitude. Being in nature does more than increase your vitamin D levels... it actually lowers your blood pressure! That's why it's possible to combine the two (hiking and yoga) in unique courses in the south of France in Provence.

We have selected 7 unique places to practice Yoga and Hiking for your vacations.

The 4 places in the south of France to practice Yoga and Hiking

1. Les Crêtes du Tanneron, Var

la France pour pratiquer

Les Crêtes du Tanneron, has become a popular destination not only for travelers but also for yoga practitioners. This welcoming spot is an ideal place to practice yoga, participate in a retreat and get in touch with yourself, not only because of its nature but also because of the way the region as a whole approaches life.

In this unique place of the French Riviera, you will have the opportunity to rest your mind by combining yoga and hiking. Discover the fragrant plants of the Tanneron massif: mimosa of course, but also blueberries and pistachio trees. A walk full of delicious scents.

This hike promises real immersions in nature as well as the exploration of a multitude of places conducive to the practice of yoga.

Beware! If you decide to go there during the mimosa flowering, you will have to be quick! It only takes place between January and March. Hurry up!

2. The Malpasset Dam loop, a place full of energy

La boucle du Barrage

Witness to an unprecedented disaster in France in 1959, the site of Malpasset houses the remains of the dam whose failure caused the rupture of a wave of over 40 meters. The event was extremely deadly: the water, on its way, drowned the valley of Malpasset to the sea through Frejus, causing 423 deaths and missing on its way.


In free access, the site of the dam of Malpasset in Fréjus is at the same time a place of meditation and a place in the unique frame which allows to misurare il contrasto tra the vertiginous coda of the work and its derisory fragility in front of the elements.

The path leading to the dam is strewn with impressive blocks of reinforced concrete scattered in the bed of the Reyran: these blocks of several tones, deposited by the force of the water several hundred meters downstream from the dam, testify to the violence of the catastrofe.

There are several itineraries that allow you to go to the Fréjus dam, either for a pleasant family walk or for a more challenging hike. Les sentiers qui partent du parking sous le pont de l’autoroute vous permettent d’accéder soit au fond du barrage, soit au sommet de l’ouvrage. Un parcours de moins de 1 km, parfois accidenté, vous conduit au pied du barrage.

The path leading to the Malpasset dam is less hilly. The loop of the Malpasset dam is a hiking trail of less than 5 km which consists, from the parking, to reach the bottom of the dam and then to continue to the belvedere which overhangs it.There is also a shortcut from the lookout to the foot of the building: a steep path is laid out between two large blocks shaded by eucalyptus.

You are then upstream of the dam and can pass the blocks to find the path leading to the bridge parking. Depending on the time of the year and the weather, the river Reyran can be more or less high: if it is almost dry at certain periods, it can also be dangerous after heavy rains. But you will have the opportunity to contemplate magnificent landscapes.

3. The peninsula of Giens : between land and sea

La presqu’Île de Giens

What makes it special? The combination of land and sea. A hike with unique landscapes. Located in the commune of Hyère, in the Var, you can reach it by the salt road (only possible in summer) or by the road to Giens. Not far from it, you will find the islands of Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Levant known for their famous seaside resorts during the summer.

Escape the big city crowds by enjoying the sea air and yoga while walking with your family.


With your sneakers, you are ready to go... to walk around the peninsula like explorers, looking for the yellow markers that will guide you on this coastal path. This peninsula has many surprises in store for you: hidden coves, creeks shaped by nature, or the formation of caves accessible only by the sea. We have chosen a very specific section of the peninsula, the most eastern part.

Starting from the pointe des chevaliers, the first part of the hike goes from the pine forest to the beach, where we meet families, hikers, and - more courageous - joggers. Everyone advances at their own pace, and you will need time for photo stops, picnics, swimming breaks...

Winter as well as summer, enjoy this unique place, complete with its natural landscapes and the Mediterranean Sea which offers itself to you!

4. Les basses Gorges du Verdon, Var et Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Les basses Gorges du Verdon

You must have heard about the Gorges du Verdon? Result of the erosion of thousandths of limestone in the Haute Provence of the Verdon Riviera. The gole are considered today as the most Grand Canyon of Europe. But, then, what is the lower Gorges du Verdon? Already, this place is located between the departments of Var and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. 



And, the The hike we propose is a trail of about 9 km that follows a river regulated by a dam upstream. There is a preserved nature, wild and not without interest for the amateurs of Yoga. 


In fact, this path is full of nooks and crannies appreciated by yoga practitioners, as they offer a complete plenitude with the outside environment that is conducive to self-reflection.


This hike is obviously accessible all the time and takes advantage of the changing landscape throughout the year. Vous y verrez une moltitudine de choices différentes cet hiver !

Relieve stress and anxiety with yoga and hiking

While any cardio workout is good for the brain, finding a way to combine that workout with time spent in nature is even better, as it will allow you to slow your mind and connect with your spiritual side.


When a person connects to their spiritual self, they feel more grounded and clear, and for many people, nature has the effect of bringing them back to their inner root. With Planetazur Walking in nature can help people hear their own inner voice and understand clearly what needs to change and who they are. When we are anxious, we feel isolated and disconnected from others, and being in nature can make us feel more connected to the world,


The south of France is a unique place for hiking enthusiasts.Yoga is also an important part of the tours we have presented. It is part of the combination that more and more people are looking for in their quest for well-being. 


Even in winter, Planetazur knows how to find you the best monete according to your desires

That's why Planetazur offers you an escape in different areas of the south of France not far from your home for you will offer a unique stay. 

If you wish to immerse yourself in the historical, natural and sporting beauties of France, visit our website https://planetazur.com/activites-tours/ where you will find many itineraries and experiences that will make you love the region completely!



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