Explore the exciting wildlife in Kenya

Kenya resides in East Africa, with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It is known for its wide range of wildlife and stunning scenery, making it a sought-after tourist destination and contributor to Kenya's economy. Landscapes such as Samburu National Park, Amboseli National Park and Nairobi National Park offer experiences with local tribal peoples and animals such as giraffes, elephants, zebras and more. The plains and savannahs that reside in Kenya, combined with the warm, sunny tropical climate, are perfect for camping and various outdoor activities. The vibrant street and nightlife will ensure that there is always something to explore in Kenya, offering a variety of nightclubs, beaches, bars and restaurants, which serve some of Kenya's best dishes such as Nyama Chola, Ugali and Kenyan Pilau. Take part in Kenya's best activities by touring wildlife in national parks, visiting iconic sites and participating in water sports activities.

Activities to do in Kenya :