United Kingdom

United Kingdom and its adventures

The UK is home to the Royals, black cabs and fish and chips. With so much to explore in the UK, its historical landmarks such as Big Ben, London Bridge and the London Eye are one of the many things to discover for its captivating beauty and cultural heritage.

 One of the world's most famous and richest cities resides in the United Kingdom, with many monuments to visit and sustainable tourism activities to discover. The history of the merged nations has influenced British culture, as well as its traditionally Christian religious life, its ties to European cultures, English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish customs, and the legacy of the British Empire. With access to many of the UK's traditional pubs, clubs and restaurants, and sightseeing activities such as cruises, gourmet cuisine and visual experiences in the UK's tallest buildings, there is never a dull day in the heart of the UK.

Our activities in the United Kingdom :