Discover the beauty of Belgium

Belgium is located in Western Europe, the official languages spoken being German, Dutch and French. It has a marine climate, where the summer days are cool and brisk and the winter days are mild and cloudy. Belgium is notorious for its medieval style and even more famous for its Belgian waffles, fries and chocolate. First-class cuisine has become a staple of Belgium, with many fine dining experiences and rich, high-quality confectionery. Belgium's rich cultural heritage makes it an important artistic center. The paintings of the Flemish masters can be found in exhibitions and cathedrals throughout the region. Art is also expressed through music, festivals and celebrations, with multiple annual cultural music events such as the Ronquières Festival. Their music is inspired by American jazz, with many jazzmen being able to reinvent it and make it their own. People celebrate in Belgium in many ways and one of those ways is through their national drink, beer. There are vast breweries where people can enjoy and celebrate the Belgian way, with over 1,000 beers to choose from. Translated with (free version)

Activities to do in Belgium :