assurance voyage

The importance of travel insurance

L'importance de l'assurance voyage

Importance de l'assurance voyage

France is undoubtedly a popular place to travel. However, many people are discouraged from embarking on their life's journey by the thought of something unpleasant, such as an unexpected accident or health problem. Many travellers encounter these circumstances when they travel.

The French authorities have solved the problem by making it compulsory for travellers to take out travel insurance before departure, which facilitates access to medical care for those facing such situations.

All visitors in France are strongly advised to take out travel insurance before leaving the country. However, many of these visitors are not required to take out insurance when visiting France, depending on their nationality.

Travel insurance is essential if you are visiting France or other countries for a variety of reasons. Not to mention that it will help ensure that you are covered for emergency medical expenses if you become ill or injured while travelling, as well as for deportation if you have to be sent home.

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Benefits of travel insurance

De l'assurance voyage

These policies will not only pay for doctor visits and hospital accommodation; they will also cover emergency medical evacuation, repatriation and other travel-related expenses, such as lost luggage.

The benefits of travel insurance are given below:

  1. Medical transport
  2. Return home in case of death
  3. Recognise possible exclusions
  4. Possibility to file a complaint
  5. unexpected medical expenses
  6. cancellation and shortening of the trip
  7. Making up for lost departures and delays
  8. Couverture pour les voyages annulés.
  9. Insurance against lost and stolen luggage

How to get travel insurance online

l'assurance voyage en ligne

It is possible for anyone to obtain travel insurance by following these steps: 

  1. Europe Assistance offers a very affordable medical travel insurance for France.
  2. On the European Assistance website, medical insurance plans for travellers to France that meet the requirements of the France visa can be purchased.

Best platforms for obtaining insurance

The best platforms for obtaining insurance are listed below

1. WorldNomades


Even when you leave home, you can still buy, extend and submit claims online. allows people to obtain travel insurance in over 150 countries. With foreign coverage for medical care, evacuation, baggage and a variety of sports and adventure activities, it is designed for the adventurous traveller. 

When you need it most, is supported by a number of reliable and secure travel insurance companies that specialise in providing exceptional cover, 24-hour emergency assistance and the highest levels of customer service and claims administration.

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From, 7 things you need to know about travel insurance

  1. Reliable customers
  2. Value for money and coverage needed
  3. Being flexible when you need it most
  4. Extensive coverage of adventure activities
  5. Travelling is made safe for you by World Nomads.
  6. More than just good travel protection
  7. Commitment to the best customer service

2. SafetyWing

Aile de sécurité

Young and old travellers of all ages are attracted to France. Fortunately, not all travel insurance companies charge exorbitant prices, and some, such as SafetyWing, cater specifically to a younger age group. 

SafetyWing is an internet insurance provider offering some of the most reasonable rates on the market for overseas travel insurance. It is well known for its focus on insurance for nomads and remote teams. No matter where you are from, it stands out as an excellent option for travel insurance in the UK as it offers sufficient cover at a very reasonable price! 

For foreign travellers, SafetyWing offers a single standard plan, although the cost varies by age. They focus only on the 18-39 age group below, as they believe this is where SafetyWing's product is most intriguing.

SafetyWing coverage

  1. Coverage of the COVID-19
  2. Ambulance, hospital and intensive care coverage
  3. Coverage of urgent dental care
  4. Chiropractic care and physiotherapy
  5. Travel delay and interruption insurance
  6. Evacuation Coverage (for urgent medical or political reasons)
  7. Loss of luggage up to $3,000

3. Nomad Passport Cards

Cartes Passeport Nomades

Sports accident cover is being offered by PassportCard Nomads, an online travel insurance service for expatriates and digital nomads. Customers who purchase PassportCard for Digital Nomads, the company's entry-level package, receive up to six months of free travel insurance in France. They receive a variety of special travel insurance benefits during this period, such as camera, luggage and laptop insurance as well as search and rescue protection.

To find out more about this insurance, click on the link below:

PassportCards Nomads Cover

  1. Emergency protection
  2. Health insurance
  3. Pregnancy (up to 12 weeks)
  4. Rescue and search
  5. Sports injury insurance
  6. Theft of a laptop, camera or luggage.

4. Foyer


For expats looking for longer term health insurance in France, Global Health by Foyer Group is a premium insurance platform that offers three options. They offer premium programs designed for families, tourists, people working abroad and adult travellers of all ages. We believe that Foyer Global Health is the best comprehensive overseas travel insurance for expatriates and digital nomads in France because of its extensive coverage.

Covering Foyer

Compared to a standard travel insurance policy in France, this plan offers a very comprehensive package of benefits and medical protection. Medical benefits include:

  1. Extensive family coverage
  2. Treatment on an ambulatory and hospital basis
  3. Private or semi-private hospital room
  4. Coverage for hospitals, surgery, treatment and transport
  5. Coverage for cancer treatment
  6. Coverage of non-prescription medicines
  7. Visit to the doctor's office
  8. Basic dental care coverage.


To enter France, you must have travel insurance, which is beneficial and offers security to customers in case of an accident or other emergency. When travelling anywhere, everyone should take out travel insurance.

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