Best Shore excursions from marseille

Cruises: the 2 best boat trips in Marseille

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What are the best excursions to do on cruises?

The Mediterranean coast is a beauty that you should discover at least once in your life.

Marseille is one of the most beautiful places on the Mediterranean coast and you can use it to go to many places.

The key is to look for the best boat tours and cruises from Marseille that will take you to other beautiful places.

If you're looking for this excursion, you've come to the right place. Here's what you need to know.croisieres



This park is one of the best areas that will amaze you. It has one of the most unique flora and fauna in France and is the closest to the second largest city in France.

Here you will find rock climbing, underwater treasures, biodiversity, the Calanques massif and much more.

Visit this national park that will give you the best of what nature has to offer.croisieres

Keep in mind that the national park is one of the most restricted areas and extends from Marseille to Cassis. Some areas are easily accessible, while others are difficult to access.

You can visit any cove in Marseille because they all have a certain beauty and uniqueness to offer the viewer.

They include blue waters, majestic cliffs, sandy beaches and much more. So don't forget to take a boat trip and spend the whole day there.


The Côte Bleue also known as the Blue Coast is part of the southwestern coast of the Mediterranean Sea that stretches from Marseille.

On this part of the coast you will find a pebble beach, high cliffs, fjords, turquoise waters, rocky coves and much more.

The blue coast extends for 25 km and you can easily participate in activities such as swimming, diving, water sports, hiking and much more.croisieres

Even people from Marseilles often visit the blue coast to immerse themselves in the fresh air and enjoy the best of nature.

The charm of this coastal edge never wears on you, no matter how many times you go there.

You can take a boat trip from Marseille with your friends or family, depending on what you want to do and how you want to explore the blue coast.

Once there, you'll never want to come back because there's nothing more beautiful than its clear waters. So, if you're staying in Marseille during this vacation, make sure to bring affordable Marseille blue coast vacation packages.croisieres


It was your complete guide to take boat trips from Marseille and enjoy the Calanques National Park and the blue coast.

These places should be at the top of your list when you are in Marseille. Once you visit them, you'll fall in love with them in no time.

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to make the best boat trip from Marseille.

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