Les meilleurs sites à visiter dans le Parc National des Ecrins

The best places to visit in the Ecrins National Park

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The best places to visit in the Ecrins National Park

Le Parc National des Ecrins

The Ecrins National Park is located in the Dauphiné Alps in the south-east of the country, south of Grenoble and north of Gap, and is shared by the departments of Isère and Hautes-Alpes. There are many better places to visit in the Ecrins National Park. 

The huge high mountain region known as the Écrins Massif is located between the Northern and Southern Alps (with 150 peaks above 3,000m and around 10,000 hectares of glaciers). 

One of the entrances to the Park is at Pré de Madame Carle, at the bottom of the Vallouise Valley (at an altitude of 1800 m). You will have easy access to a breathtaking region of glaciers and peaks, including La Barre des Écrins (4,100 m), the highest point of the massif, and Mont Pelvoux (3,932 m).

Mrs Carle's Meadow hosts a temporary park information office throughout the summer. Due to the risk of avalanches, the area inside the park is only accessible in winter under the escort of a mountaineer. 

The best time to visit is from June to August. The temperature reaches 68° F° C and August sees about 6.5 inches of rain. The climate is extremely unfavorable from September to December.

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The best sites to visit Ecrins National Park

Some of the best places to visit in the Ecrins National Park are listed below.



The Ecrins National Park, an internationally renowned national park, is the ideal place for anyone who wants to see glaciers up close. It has many glaciers. So those who love the outdoors prefer to go there. Don't forget to climb the park and watch them. Among the best places to visit in the Ecrins National Park, this one is famous.

Visit the nature reserves

Visiter les réserves naturelles

The existence of numerous quality nature reserves contributes to the splendour of the Ecrins National Park. Tourists visit the park in their free time because they are on the park's land within its border zone. 

High points include the Cirque du Lac des Estaris, Pics du Combeynot, Vallée de Saint-Pierre, Vallée de la Séveraisse, Vallée du Béranger and Vallée du Vénéon. Among the best sites to visit in the Ecrins National Park, it is a favourite with tourists.

La tombe

La tombe

The Hautes-Alpes department in south-eastern France includes the commune of La Grave. La Meije, the resort's main attraction, is a tiny ski area in the French Alps (3982 m). Nicolas de Nicolay, explorer and ordinary geographer to Henry II of France, was born here. Although guarded, the area is notorious for having no slopes and no systematic avalanche control. Without a guide, skiing in the area is risky as there is a lot of travel on the glaciers near the summit. Among the best sites to visit in the Ecrins National Park, La Grave is famous for its risky task.


The Massif des Écrins mountain range includes La Meije, which is a mountain that divides the Hautes-Alpes and Isère departments. It offers views of the local mountaineering centre and the ski resort, La Grave, well known for its off-piste and extreme skiing opportunities.


The Meije is made up of three major peaks. The Grand Pic de la Meije, at 3,984 metres, is the highest peak. The Grand Pic is infamous for having no "easy" route to the summit. La Meije was the last significant summit in the Alps to be conquered. La Meije is one of the best places to visit in the Ecrins National Park. 

JH Gibson, U. Almer and F. Boss completed the first west-east traverse of the ridge in 1891. The first person to climb La Meije from the south side was Conrad Kain. It is often thought that the most difficult face of La Meije is on the south side. On 16 August 1877 Pierre Gaspard, his son and their client Emmanuel Boileau de Castelnau made the first ascent.

Aiguille dibona

Among the best sites to visit in the Ecrins National Park is the Aiguille Dibona (3,130 metres, 10,269 feet) historically known as the "amazing triangular spear of granite". The mountain is particularly popular with climbers because of its unique shape, accessibility and superb granite quality.

Aiguille dibona

One of the best known routes in the Ecrins is one of the many in the mountain. It was nicknamed Pain de Sucre du Soreiller in honour of Angelo Dibona, a mountaineer and guide in the Dolomites who made the first ascent on 27 June 1913, alongside Guido Mayer. The Soreiller refuge is located at the foot of the mountain and can be reached from the village of Etages in 3h30m.

Contemplating the valleys

Contempler les vallées

There are many better places to visit in the Ecrins National Park, which is a vast park with many mountain ranges and nature reserves, and it also contains some of France's well-known valleys. When visiting the area from the valley side, be sure to ask the local guides for help. As well as speaking French, they will also make sure you are comfortable when you visit the area around the valleys.

Les interdits

Les Bans des Alpes dauphinoises (3 669 m) est une montagne qui a été escaladée pour la première fois par W. A. B. Coolidge, Christian Almer et U. Almer le 14 juillet 1878. Among the best sites to visit in the Ecrins National Park, it is famous because of its huts.

The mountain has three major tops: 

· 3 669 m Sommet sud                                                                                                                 · 3 630 m sommet nord-ouest                                                                                                   · 3 662 m Sommet Nord

Chalets :                     

· Chalet Hôtel du Gioberney (1 700 m)                                                                                      · Cabane aux Bans (2 076 m)                                                                                                     · Refuge à Pilatte (2 580 m)

Les interdits

Visit the alpine stream

You can't avoid looking at the alpine streams on a trip because the Ecrins National Park offers many opportunities to explore the area at the same time. Every traveller who comes to the park is captivated by their beauty. It is considered to be one of the best places to visit in the Ecrins National Park.

Visitez le ruisseau alpin
Visit the alpine stream

Dolphin Alps

Alpes dauphinoises

To the west of the main Alpine chain, in south-eastern France, are a number of mountain ranges known as the Dauphin Alps (French: Alpes du Dauphin). The Écrins massif, located in the Écrins National Park, Belledonne, the Taillefer massif and the Matheysine mountains are among the mountain ranges that make up the Dauphin Alps. This is one of the best and most popular places to visit in the Ecrins National Park.

The best hikes in the Ecrins National Park

Some of the best walks are listed below 

Col de la Cayolle

Col de la Cayolle

The departments of Alpes-Maritimes and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence are separated by the Cayolle pass, which rises to an altitude of 2326 metres. It serves as a road link between the Var valley to the south and the Ubaye valley to the north during the fine summer months. With lakes and panoramic views along the way, it is an excellent walk. With a little luck, marmots and chamois will be visible as soon as you open your eyes. Among the best places to visit in the Ecrins National Park, it is considered the best hike.

Aiguilles de Chabriere

Aiguilles de Chabriere

Near Saint-Apollinaire in the Hautes-Alpes, a beautiful climb in the Ecrins National Park. Starting from the Réallon train station, the itinerary passes by the Aiguilles de Chabrières, taking the Brèche trail in particular. The valley of Réallon is dominated by the balcony path, mostly in forest and offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks. The Rougnous hut is used on the way back. It is one of the best sites to visit the Ecrins National Park.

Saut du Laire

You can reach the Saut du Laire waterfalls by taking this hiking trail in the Ecrins National Park from Prapic in the Hautes-Alpes. The Sainte-Anne chapel is not far from the building. The path that follows the course of the Drac forms the major part of the route.

Saut du Laire

It passes by the chapel of La Saulce. You will be able to enjoy the landscape of the valley and most likely see marmots. Among the best sites to visit in the Ecrins National Park, the Saut du Laire attracts the attention of tourists.

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The Écrins National Park offers a variety of walks and major attractions that attract tourists and create visits they won't soon forget.

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