Les meilleures choses à faire en République dominicaine

The best things to do in the Dominican Republic in 2023

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The best things to do in the Dominican Republic

Les meilleures choses à faire en République dominicaine

In the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean region, on the island of Hispaniola, lies the Dominican Republic. Along with St. Maarten, Hispaniola is the only other Caribbean island shared by two sovereign states. It occupies the eastern 58% of the island, which it shares with Haiti. 

At 48,671 square kilometres (18,792 square miles), the Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean by area (after Cuba) and the third largest by population, growing from 10.8 million in 2020 to an estimated 10.7 million, of which 3.3 million reside in the metropolitan area of the capital. Spanish is the official language of the state. 

The best time to travel is between December and March, when temperatures, sunshine and rainfall are at their lowest. August, with an average daily maximum temperature of 34°C and an average low temperature of 23°C, is the hottest month of the year. There are many attractions and the best things to do in the Dominican Republic that everyone wants to visit.

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I. The best things to do in the Dominican Republic

Because it has a little bit of practically everything, from our beautiful blue Dominican beaches to cool mountain towns surrounded by pine trees, the Dominican Republic is considered a "micro-continent".

However, although the Dominican Republic has so many beautiful places to see, some visitors never leave their hotels! Some of the best things to do in the Dominican Republic are discussed below. 

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II. Explore Jarabacoa

Explorez Jarabacoa

A fascinating alternative to the tropical beaches of the Dominican Republic is this alpine village in the Dominican Alps. Higher altitudes, lower temperatures and an abundance of vegetation are all advantages of the mountainous terrain. 

You can take a day trip from the region's famous beach towns, or you can rent a car and spend a few days exploring the natural splendour of Jarabacoa. 

Adventure sports are perfect in this region. Mountains, waterfalls, rivers, woods and other natural features are all there, ready to be discovered. 

The best things to do in the Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa) include rafting, paragliding and trekking. El Pico Duarte, the highest mountain in the country, is among the most enjoyable activities in the Dominican Republic. You can engage in any of these activities in Jarabacoa.

III. Stroll along Bavaro beach for superb views

Plage de Bavaro pour de superbes vues

The best beach in Punta Cana is thought to be Bavaro Beach. The best things to do in the Dominican Republic include swimming in the ocean or walking on the beach. 

Luxury hotels line the beach, but you don't even have to spend much money to feel like you're on a postcard. With the blue ocean and smooth white sand, just being on the beach can feel heavenly.

IV. Find incredible things to do in Punta Cana

Des choses incroyables à faire à Punta Cana

The most popular tourist destination on the island is Punta Cana, which is also the most famous place in the Dominican Republic. 

This resort is full of five-star hotels, holiday homes, all-inclusive resorts and other accommodation. It is a fairly touristy place and probably does not accurately reflect the culture of the area. 

But Punta Cana is the place to come if you really want to be spoiled with a luxury hotel and relax on beautiful beaches. The best things to do in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) include sailing, zip-lining, snorkelling and lounging on the region's beautiful beaches.

V. Explore Santo Domingo

Explorez Saint-Domingue

The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. This is the place to go if you want to see and learn more about the nation's history, architecture, gastronomy and culture. 

One of the oldest cities in the Caribbean is Santo Domingo and its historic centre is the Zona Colonial. Here you can explore the museums, admire the vibrant colonial architecture and enjoy a cup of coffee in an open-air café. 

The main street of the Zona Colonial, Calle el Conde, is where you will find the majority of cafes, restaurants and shops. 

You can volunteer at a hostel in Santo Domingo if you want to save money while having a more complete cultural experience in the Dominican Republic. Take the cable car up to the adjacent mountains while you're there for a breathtaking view. Among the best things to do in the Dominican Republic, this is one of them.

VI. Visit the island of Saona

Visitez l'île de Saona

If you've had your fill of breathtaking beaches on the mainland, the coastline of the Dominican Republic is surrounded by a number of breathtaking tropical islands. 

One of the best things to do in the Dominican Republic is to take a boat trip or a day trip to one of the neighboring islands. 

The island of Saona is a popular vacation destination. It is accessible from Punta Cana and a popular day trip from the famous resort. Cayo Arena, Cayo Levantado and Catalina Island are just some of the other fantastic islands worth a visit.

VI. Visit to Santiago de Los Caballeros

Santiago de Los Caballeros

Santiago De Los Caballeros, the country's second largest city, is an excellent destination. This city, more commonly known as Santiago, is the country's industrial hub. For this reason, visiting the island's main rum and tobacco exports is one of the best things to do in the Dominican Republic (Santiago). 

Visits to tobacco farms and cigar tastings are common tourist activities in Santiago. Rum distilleries can also be visited. While exploring the city, there are many museums, monuments and other sites to visit.

VII. The best attractions in the Dominican Republic

Some attractions in the Dominican Republic are listed below:

Go whale watching in Samana Bay

Dans la baie de Samana

Samaná Bay is one of the best places to see humpback whales in the wild, as thousands of them come here every winter from December to March to mate and give birth.

The main departure point for whale-watching excursions is Samaná, a town on the Samaná Peninsula. 

There's not much else to do in the town itself, but because whale watching is such a famous tourist attraction, several companies offer day trips from all over the island. 

You can stop off in Samaná and sign up for a half-day whale-watching expedition with a marine scientist if you're traveling in the area on your way to Las Galeras, or if you're based in adjacent Las Terrenas, which is less than an hour away.

One way. Whale watching in Samana Bay is one of the best things to do in the Dominican Republic.

27 waterfalls of Damajagua

Cascades de Damajagua

One of the most exciting and best things to do in the Dominican Republic if you're looking for adventure is to climb a steep canyon of waterfalls, then jump from the top of each into the pools below.

This attraction is tough and not for the faint-hearted, but it's also a lot of fun. 

A qualified guide will lead you up a number of ladders while you wear a helmet and lifejacket.

You can watch other guests fly in front of you as they descend as you ascend.

There's constant chaos and action. Even if some of the drops are quite high, you can always change your mind and move down the ladder in any particular area. 

Most visitors take a scheduled tour of the 27 Damajagua waterfalls from Cabarete, Sosua and Puerto Plata, which lies close to the falls. 

Although you can do this independently if you have your own vehicle, guides are needed and can be hired at the falls.

Swimming and no fear of heights are essential.

La Romana

La Romana

La Romana, a seaside resort in the Dominican Republic, is not far from Punta Cana.

There are several major resorts in this region, some of which cater to the more independent tourist looking for self-catering accommodation. But compared to Punta Cana, there aren't as many resorts here.

The main attraction is the region's superb beaches. 

Visits to Altos de Chavón, a recreation of a 16th-century craft town where you can buy handicrafts and souvenirs, are among the most popular activities here.

The village is self-contained, but if you don't have your own car, you can join a planned shopping excursion.

La Romana is one of the best things to do in the Dominican Republic.

XI. Conclusion

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation with some of the best attractions and things to do, attracting tourists who want to come and experience them again and again.


What are the must-do activities in the Dominican Republic?

In the Dominican Republic, it's a must to enjoy paradise beaches such as Punta Cana, visit the old town of Santo Domingo, discover the natural beauty of Laguna Gri-Gri and venture into the mountains of the Cordillera Central to explore Jarabacoa.

What water sports are popular in the Dominican Republic?

Popular water sports in the Dominican Republic include scuba diving in Bayahibe, kitesurfing in Cabarete, windsurfing in Punta Cana and deep-sea fishing off the coast of Puerto Plata.

Where can you discover authentic Dominican culture?

To discover authentic Dominican culture, we recommend visiting local markets such as the Mercado Modelo in Santo Domingo, attending traditional festivals like the Carnaval de La Vega and sampling local dishes in typical establishments.

What are the best historic sites to visit in the Dominican Republic?

Travelers can explore historic sites such as Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Faro a Colón, Christopher Columbus' mausoleum, and the Panteón Nacional, which houses the remains of illustrious Dominican personalities.

What nightlife experiences are not to be missed in the Dominican Republic?

The lively nightlife of the Dominican Republic offers unforgettable experiences. We recommend visiting the trendy nightclubs in Punta Cana, taking part in lively beach parties in Cabarete, and exploring the bars and clubs of the Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo.

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