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For several years, Planet Azur has been offering cultural and sporting activities, ranging from hiking to snorkeling, including cooking workshops and wine tastings.
Planet Azur shares ecotourism experiences based on criteria of proximity and local consumption in the fields of well-being, sport, nature, gastronomy, oenology, culture and much more.
Ideally located in Marseille, the Planet Azur team makes you discover the gems, hidden corners and local culture of the South of France region in moments of conviviality and sharing. We will soon be offering international tours and activities on the same concept.

The Planet Azur eco-responsible agency

Notre agence de voyage s’efforce de promouvoir un tourisme responsable de qualité.
Nous vous permettons d’échapper au tourisme de masse : vous aurez l’opportunité de partir à la rencontre de la population locale et de développer la consommation locale et le commerce de proximité.
Engagés dans l’éco-tourisme, nous vous offrons des séjours dont la valeur est dans l’immersion totale. Votre spécialiste des voyages responsables vous organisera des séjours sur mesure ou en petit groupe selon vos préférences. Nous nous engageons à réduire l’impact du tourisme sur l’environnement afin de préserver les atouts du lieu d’accueil, d’améliorer le niveau de vie des habitants locaux, et d’inclure l’extension de notre activité dans le développement de l’économie sociale et solidaire.

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Julie R
Julie R
Esquisse découverte en mer J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à faire cette balade en mer autour de la merveilleuse côte marseillaise d'Endoume. Cette première rencontre avec les fonds marin (d'une partie de la méditerranée) a été de toute beauté ! L'équipement léger : masque, tuba, palmes permet d'avoir une souplesse et une fluidité qui joue à travers l'approche des espèces marine. Cela donne la sensation d'appartenir au monde aquatique, l'instant de la randonnée. Je recommande cette balade en mer, qui m'a donné goût à l'observation aquatique.
coline m
coline m
Entre terre et mer, partage et découvertes Un vrai plaisir en toute simplicité. De la joie et tant de beauté. Merci Planet azur pour la convivialité humaine et la splendeur des découvertes sous-marines. N' hésitez pas à vivre cette expérience !
Mixité This area is ideal for shopping for spices and oriental pastries. A fruit and vegetable market animated the alleys in the morning.
Nuria P
Nuria P
Very cool! Our guide Freddy is a pro of marine flora and fauna who knows the best spots in Marseille. This outing is ideal for discovering pretty fish in a fun way and taking up the challenge of the underwater tunnel for the bravest. After which a good picnic and relaxation in a small cove are more than deserved. Freddy and his gopro immortalize your best snorkel smiles. Thanks to Freddy, Sarah and the Tiger Man!
Unique experience Thank you Freddy for this unforgettable and personalized moment. The activity took place at our own pace and the exchange was very enriching. To recommend without hesitation!
Superb experience We had a great day with Freddy who made us discover the wonders of marine biodiversity. Wonderful experience that we highly recommend!
Lovely culinary experience We had a great time in the company of a real chef who will introduce you to the flavors of the region. Arriving in the halls of Avignon we are greeted by John with a smile and a charming American accent. Small coffee before going to taste the goat cheeses, tapenades, olives and meet a passionate poultry farmer. Start of the morning's program with a description of the menu that we are going to prepare and let's go for an experience in the shoes of a top chef! We end with the tasting of the meal that we have prepared with delicious wines. Thanks to John for his chef advice and sending all recipes by email. Do not hesitate to test!
Very good Excellent walk with my guide, he knows the sugiton course well. He speaks French very well.
Biranavi B
Biranavi B
Gorgeous Guide listens and adapts to each person in the group. Very beautiful landscape. Course not too long rather correct. I recommend!
Superb experience Experience at the top: magnificent landscapes, soft light, good company and very fun spirit! I highly recommend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The concept of sustainable tourism

The tourism sector has evolved a lot, and the increase in tourist flows has had various consequences on the social and physical environment of the destinations visited. This is why, at Planet Azur, we have a vision of tourism oriented towards sustainable development. We select unforgettable experiences for our clients while preserving nature and the environment in which our local partners live. The prospect of sustainable tourism is a solid and beneficial basis for reducing the harmful effects and negative repercussions of mass tourism.

The value and importance of sustainable tourism

It should be noted that sustainable tourism can take various forms known as "responsible" tourism, such as eco-tourism, solidarity tourism or ethical tourism. Even if these different variants of sustainable tourism have some nuances, they have the same values and encompass three objectives:

  • intercultural tolerance and respect for the lifestyles of the local population.
  • the preservation of the natural environment by promoting tourism and safeguarding ecosystems.
  • the application of fair tourism for an equal and correct sharing of the economic benefits of tourism activities.

Tourism now accounts for around 10% of world GDP. This sector is indirectly linked to other economic areas and constitutes a development lever that is gaining in importance. It is therefore important to make tourists aware of eco-responsible actions to combine tourism and sustainable development. Moreover, the impacts of global warming are important factors to be taken into account by tourism stakeholders who can act at their level.

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