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The 3 best cooking workshops in Provence

Food is one of the main things that represent a specific culture by its taste. That is why when you visit a new place, it is important to try the food and the cooking. On the other hand, you can also dive into food by opting for cooking workshops.

If you are in Provence and you are surprised by the food, the best thing you can do is to attend cooking workshops. If you are looking for such workshops, you have come to the right place. Here is your quick guide.


Discover the flavours and local products of Provence by doing cooking workshops in Avignon. You will be able to explore local food markets where you can learn more about the taste and available local products that you can use to create dishes. Afterwards, you will be taught how to cook some of the items that reflect the cuisine of the region.

The best part is that you will receive a clear demonstration of all the cooking. Once you have done this, you can recreate the dishes and participate in a fun and light class. The cooking workshop lasts a few hours and you will leave with many memories.

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Each region of France has something unique to offer you in terms of taste and other things, such as produce. That's why a cooking workshop in the South of France will open you up to endless new flavours. The first part of the cooking workshop will be to familiarise yourself with the local flavours and producers.

After that, you can put on your chef's apron and start following the instructions of the chef who is following the cooking course. The recipe tasting will be accompanied by wine as a trip to Provence is incomplete without tasting the best wines. So make sure you put this cooking workshop on your list of things to do when you visit Provence.

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Finally, you can take a fusion cooking workshop that will help you mix specialities from different countries and create a unique taste. You will learn how to use various products and local produce to create the best mix of flavours. Fusion cooking is an art form that you need to understand to create great dishes for your guests when you are back home.

So if you are interested in this fusion cuisine, it doesn't get much better than this workshop.

Une fois que vous vous y habituez, vous allez aimer la fusion des saveurs en un rien de temps. Après tout, la fusion est le mélange de goûts, de cultures et plus encore.

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These are the best cooking workshops you should take. Select what you think is best for you and then start your culinary journey today. Once you do, you'll go home with new skills.

Vous pouvez contacter Planet Azur pour plus d’informations sur les ateliers de cuisine en Provence.

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