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10 things to see absolutely in Marseille

Marseille opens its horizons to the sea, without forgetting that it is a city in full expansion. While in Marseille, you are sure not to get bored. Outings, sports, walks, visits ... Here are the ten activities to do in Marseille.

Head for the old port of Marseille

The old port of Marseille is one of the emblematic places of the city of a thousand stories. Its surroundings are full of small corners of relaxation and restaurants offering local products. Here you can discover the fish market which takes place most of the week.

Explore the Calanques

Going to Marseille without going to admire the turquoise blue of the sea would be a regret. The Calanques National Park alone takes up 20 km of the Mediterranean coast. A magnificent coastline in a breathtaking natural setting awaits you.

A short tour of the emblematic avenue "La Canebière"

Include a walk in the Canebière in your stay. In particular, you will be able to enjoy the various activities offered during the Sundays of the Canebière. You will be a spectator of the art and culture of the south of France. The avenue connects the old port to the Reformed Church, take advantage of your stroll to admire the landscape.

The Orange Vélodrome stadium for sports enthusiasts

As soon as you hear Marseille, OM are not far away. The Velodrome stadium is a mythical place for football and sports fans. Note that this is a stadium that also hosts other events such as concerts by local and international stars.

Learn about the history of the world by visiting the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilization

The largest museum in Marseille, commonly called Mucem. It is located at the entrance to the old port of Marseille. Outside you can admire the architecture of the city, inside a part of the Berlin Wall awaits you, among other wonders. The first major national museum dedicated to the Mediterranean, a Mecca for architecture and heritage, the Mucem is a cultural city open to the sea

Take a trip to the Panier district

The oldest district in Marseille, the Panier district is one of the must-see places to discover. Located in the heart of the historic center, near the Old Port, you will be impressed by its picturesque buildings and steep alleys.

Discover the Cathedral of the Major

The Cathedral of the Major is also one of the monuments of Marseille's heritage that must be seen during a stay in Marseille. You will certainly fall under the spell of its striped facades and its magnificent domes. Its architecture, inspired by Romanesque and Byzantine influences, as well as its statues, mosaics and even the arcades that adorn this building make it an exceptional place.

Don't forget the Palais Longchamp

It is one of the most beautiful architectures in Marseille. Three entities form it: the water tower on the central part, the Natural History Museum on the left wing of the building and the Fine Arts Museum on the right wing. All in a breathtaking setting.

The mythical Parc Borély

If your stay is for a romantic or a family, Parc Borély will be your favorite place to go for walks. It is a place open to the public every day and for free. You can admire the Prado and Corniche beaches nearby.

Follow the story by visiting Château D’If

It is a fortress dating from the 16th century which sits on the Frioul archipelago, it was once a prison. You can access it by shuttle from the Old Port. Go visit this place of local historical culture, mentioned by the famous novelist Alexandre Dumas in "the Count of Monte Cristo".

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