Chateau la coste

Château la coste: a spectacular place for art, gastronomy and wine

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Château la coste : between art, gastronomy and excellent wine


If ever there was a platform that defied the laws of art, it's Château la coste.

Today, it can be considered a benchmark in the field of art and architecture.

What's more, Château la coste's assets don't stop there, as it also excels and appeals in the wine and restaurant sectors.

As a result, it has become a tailor-made destination for sightseeing tours.

Château la coste: at the heart of contemporary architecture


Today's architectural achievements are becoming increasingly impressive, thanks in part to Château la coste.

Indeed, this Provencal Eden boasts masterpieces of construction and style at the peak of creativity and innovation.

Curved pavilions with glass frames on several surfaces, including the facade, set the Domaine apart.

Examples include Tadao Ando's art center, chapel and 4-cube pavilion, Louise Bourgeois' spider, Frank Gehry and Tony Berlant's marriage of Athens and New York, and Oscar Niemeyer's pavilion.

Between art and architecture, these creations speak for themselves

Oscar's pavilion is a marvel with its cylindrical curves and wide glass bays. These blend perfectly with the estate's verdant vineyard decor.

Next door, Per Kirkeby's labyrinth features a contemporary brick design, with an estimated 24,000 units.

Inspired by Greek temples and American skyscrapers, Franck Gehry and Tony Berlant built a stainless steel and fiberglass edifice that has become a veritable jewel to be admired from many angles.

As for Tadao Ando's pavilion, this jewel proves to be unsettling, presenting a classical, modern and bewitching architecture, but also prompting a profound questioning of the future.

Château la coste: an art center stacked in the sunlight

art en pleinair

Since 1976, the estate has constantly presented artistic creations and installations, but it wasn't until 2003 that Château la coste revealed its true potential with unique creations. This is thanks to renowned artists and architects such as Tadao Ando, Sophie Galle, Bob Dylan, Frank Gehry, Guggi, Per Kirkeby, Paul Matisse, Jean Nouvel, Renzo Piano, Tom Shannon, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Oscar Niemeyer, to name but a few.

As a result, Château la Coste has become a veritable art center, welcoming artists from all over the world and building up a passionate following in the field.

Today, it's a true artistic destination, as it can inspire increasingly exquisite, charming and singular creations.

In addition, the art center's boutique offers a number of training and marketing opportunities for certain works.

Château la coste: a tailor-made player in the wine industry

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If the Château la Coste platform is well known for its artistic masterpieces, then it's also worth noting that its strong reputation is largely due to viticulture.

In fact, this estate is located in the heart of the vineyards and covers an area of over 200 hectares.

In fact, the cultivation of vines in this region dates back to Roman times.

So, this winery boasts centuries of experience in cultivation and operation. Today, even though it's located in the Bouches-du-Rhône department in Aix-en-Provence, this platform is an official supplier to supermarkets and hotels in France, as well as in surrounding countries.

The quality of the wine from this estate alone merits a trip of several hundred or even thousands of kilometers.

Taste and sensations are not the same, and that's what offers real added value to the Domaine Château la Coste hotel-restaurant.

What's more, Villa la coste offers incomparable tastings, a unique menu and, above all, a setting at the height of luxury.

Here, everything is geared towards making memories unforgettable and renewing the experience.

Villa La Coste: more than a hotel, more than a restaurant... a pearl in Provence


Villa La Coste offers sultry culinary tastings that reflect the hotel's luxurious surroundings.

In fact, the menu far exceeds expectations and reflects the cultural diversity of the Domaine.

Because gastronomy is so important, it's essential not to neglect it, especially if you want to offer guests, artists and tourists unparalleled adventures.

In fact, this hotel seems to have been designed with sustainable tourism in mind, as it boasts five (5) restaurants, each as splendid as the next and catering to the needs and preferences of guests, no matter how demanding. These include the Tadao Ando restaurant, the Francis Mallmann room, the Hélène Darroze restaurant, the Terrasse and the Vanina dining room. These delights make guests' stays memorable, alongside the luxurious surroundings of the suites and the well-being offered by the Spa.

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