Tasting of top wines in Avignon

Top wine tasting in Avignon

Wine is an essential part of French culture, it is no longer a secret. After all, the country has been producing wine for several civilizations. It is reported that the French were involved in wine production even before the Romans.

Another thing to note is that France is full of vineyards throughout the region. Their names vary depending on location, but many of them fall under the AOP or Appellation d'Origine Protégée label. One such region is called AOP Côte du Rhône.

If you're visiting France soon, you'll need to go on a wine tasting tour of Avignon AOP Côte du Rhône. Here's everything you need to know about this second largest appellation, and why you should visit.


The Côtes du Rhône is the second largest wine-producing region in France after Bordeaux. It is also one of the oldest vineyards on the planet. The Greeks, Popes, and Romans loved the rocky grape soil taste of the wines of this region.

Over time, the popularity of the drinks increased and an edict was passed in 1729. This stated that wines from the Côte du Rhône should be labelled as CDR. The main purpose of this was to distinguish the best drinks from others.

Today, people still experiment with various techniques and recipes. This is why every wine tasting in Avignon includes the Côte du Rhône in the best places to visit. The best part is that each manufacturer has a story for his wine.


It is a region that covers the entire valley of white, red and rosé wines in France. It stretches from Vienne to Avignon and covers an area of 44,000 ha. Not only that, but the region includes 171 counties and various sites.

You can explore the different vineyards in this region to try the unique French wine blends. In addition, you can explore the high mountains of the valley. The best part is that you will enjoy an exceptional view in this wine region.


It is no secret that the vineyards of the Côte du Rhône produce some of the best wines in France. This is due to the different valleys in this area and the expert markers. The red wines can range in taste from sweet and fruity to spicy and ripe.

In addition, the taste of AOP Côte du Rhône wines can be filled with ripe berries. The best part is that it is always easy to take the drinks. Another best thing about a wine tasting tour in Avignon that includes the Côte du Rhône is that you can enjoy food and wine pairings.


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